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Storm cases are portable, almost indestructible containers that may safely transport the most valuable objects. Even on the most difficult journeys, they offer the utmost security for possessions. Read More…

Storm Cases A storm case is a heavy duty equipment case that is designed to protect valuable devices from various kinds of damage. These rugged cases are utilized in applications ranging from recreational photography to military device transportation.

One of the top carrying case suppliers, Princeton Case West provides quality carrying cases, custom cases, shipping cases, plastic cases, aluminum cases, tool cases, computer cases, instrument cases, transit cases and ATA cases.

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Royal Case Company, as premium carrying case suppliers, designs carrying cases based on industry specifications, including athletics, industrial and law enforcement. Through versatility and innovation, Royal Case Company offers a diverse carrying case product line including computer cases, plastic cases, aluminum cases, instrument cases, transit cases, custom cases, shipping cases and tool cases.

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Our cases come in various configurations such as soft sewn cases, hard cases, model cases, exhibit cases, and more. We are experts in contract sewing and there is no project too complex for our experts. With manufacturing experience dating back to 1994 we are confident we can provide you with a top of the line custom carrying case.

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Custom Case Group (CCG) partners with Pelican, Anvil, Zarges, and Wilson to create custom cases for the aerospace, equipment, fire/rescue, hazmat, industrial, medical, military, OEM, oil and gas, shipping, and trade show industries. We also feature DroneHangar, a line of custom cases for drones and UAV/unmanned vehicles. Our engineers specialize in custom rackmount, carrying and shipping cases....

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SBC Case Industries has provided carrying case solutions for over 22 years, and has proven to be elite carrying case manufacturers. SBC Case provides premium carrying cases to customers such as Home Depot and SaskTel. SBC Case is one of few carrying case companies that provide such a wide carrying case product range at a single source, including custom carrying cases, soft cases and hard cases.

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S3 manufactures waterproof, crushproof cases and participates in the sale of HPRC cases of Italy. All S3 cases are made in the U.S. with stainless steel pins and high impact ABS. All cases carry a lifetime warranty and are virtually indestructible. Give us a call today!

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Storm cases have pressure-release valves to change air pressure while keeping water out and remaining airtight. Due to these unique characteristics, belongings will be secure even if the case accidentally falls into the water. These cases will protect belongings from being dropped or bumped around and maintain them in mint condition. Storm cases shield belongings from damage caused by unintentional spills by being both corrosion and dent-resistant. They are constructed with HPX resin, a high-performance resin that offers exceptional impact resistance even at very high temperatures. These durable and sturdy cases come in various colors and sizes to fit different needs and are lifetime guaranteed. To make the case easier to identify when searching for it on the conveyor belt after a flight, choose a case that is brightly colored. One may get storm cases with wheels and easy-grip telescopic handles to make transporting the cases around a little bit simpler.

Storm Case

Benefits of Using Storm Cases

Professional photographers frequently use storm cases to transport their camera equipment while preventing damage and keeping the lenses clean. In addition, they serve as use cases for moving tools about and safeguarding expensive objects like laptops. One can add foam cut-outs to the cases to hold belongings for increased security, or one can secure the outside with a regular-sized padlock for more protection. The military uses them worldwide to demonstrate how valuable storm cases are.

Storm Case Features

Press & Pull Latches: Pushing a button causes the latches to open, but pressure or impact causes them to remain shut firmly. The case's water tightness and dust resistance are maintained by this simple-open method.

Injection Molded Cases Built With HPX High-Impact Resin: A storm case's body is built of high-performance HPX resin, making it sturdy, light, and impact-resistant even at subfreezing temperatures.

Molded-In Hasps: The indestructible molded-in hasps with storm cases allow one to install regular-size padlocks for even greater security.

Rounded Deflective Corners: A storm case's rounded corners may deflect and absorb impact while distributing kinetic energy throughout the case to protect the equipment inside from harm.

Soft Grip Handles: These double-layered soft-grip handles are built to be comfortable, support big weights, and have been tested and shown to be sturdy.

Rugged In-Line Wheels: A storm case's ball-bearing wheels are protected from dirt and dust and offer low-friction, low-drag rolling. Combined with their retractable handle, these wheels found on storm cases simplify moving equipment on almost any surface.

Storm Case Applications

Maintenance and Industrial Engineering

Tools are vitally essential to the work of a maintenance or industrial engineer, from pressure gauges and tachometers to calibrators and data logging apparatus. Their priceless equipment must be protected from shocks, heat, dust, and chemicals. Storm enclosures can be customized to function as dependable enclosures for electronic installations. For several versions, bezel kits allow them to be modified with electronic interface panels.

Emergency Services, Police, and Military

Heavy-duty communication systems, drones, delicate laboratory equipment, scientific tools, and analytical instrumentation can be stored in various sizes in storm cases. In addition, storm cases ensure that essential equipment arrives undamaged and functional, thanks to their customizable interiors.

Military Storm Case

Travel, Nautical, And Outdoor

Protecting equipment while in motion is one of the primary functions of a storm case. Storm cases can protect valuable gear effectively and safely, from overnight business trips to extreme expeditions. Equipment of all kinds, including delicate electronics, laptops and tablets, sports equipment, and more, are best protected by waterproof storm cases. In addition, the case will stay free of dust and dry from water contact thanks to the pressure release valve in the storm case.

Storm Case Inserts

The storm case's interior is crucial for locking and safeguarding equipment. In addition, the interior of the casing can be modified in various ways.

Padded Dividers

Using a padded divider set inside a storm case is another option for organizing gear in the case. These are real, professionally-made dividers, with most cases as a normal option when the case is ordered. However, like most interiors, they may be bought individually as stand-alone items. Dividers are surprisingly adaptable since one may adjust the size of each compartment as needed. They are composed of sturdy nylon and foam.

Lid Organizers

A lid organizer is offered with several storm cases. These are helpful if one needs quick access to multiple objects, such as accessories or paperwork, to store alongside the primary equipment. Lid organizers have pockets of various shapes and sizes and are made of leather or waterproof ballistic nylon with nylon zippers. They can be used for anything that would fit, but some are designed for office documents, and others are more like photo pallets for keeping photographic equipment. Genuine items and lid organizers are supplied with hook and loop strips for simple installation into the storm case.

TrekPak Dividers

For several models in the storm case line-up, there is a flexible divider system called TrekPak™. They include divider panels, locking pins, pre-installed wall parts, and a cutting tool. To assemble the case, position the equipment inside, measure and cut the divider sections, and then secure them with the steel U-pins. The divider panels are made of hard corrugated plastic with waterproof, closed-cell foam glued to them. As a result, they become robust, light, and nearly hard to tear or shred.

Trek Divider

Bezel Kits

An interface panel can be attached so that it is flush with the case rim using bezel kits. Since the depth of the case lid enables switches, buttons, connectors, and ports to stand up from the panel face, these are especially helpful for electronic engineers and their OEM projects.

Choosing the Right Storm Cases Company

To make sure you have the most constructive outcome when purchasing Storm Cases from a Storm Cases Supplier, it is important to compare at least 4 or 5 Manufacturers using our Storm Cases directory. Each Storm Cases Supplier has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each Storm Cases company website using our proprietary website previewer to get an idea of what each business specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple Storm Cases companies with the same message.

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